CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) – A summer camp in Lower Allen Township is providing summer fun for hearing-impaired kids.

The Sertoma club is hosting a week-long baseball camp at Lower Allen Middle School. Some of the participants use hearing aids while others use sign language, but all of the kids have one thing in common: they’re hearing-impaired.

Eight-year-old Jackson Swift enthusiastically demonstrated all the tricks and tosses the kids are learning.

“We eat lunch, we hang out, we play after lunch, we play baseball, we play hot potato,” Swift said.

Joy Shill says the camp levels the playing field. “Because at this camp, everybody is just a camper,” Shill said. “And I love it.”

It’s not just about baseball either. Capitol police stopped by the camp on Thursday with their bomb-sniffing dog, giving the kids a hands-on lesson in canine law enforcement.