Solar-powered apartment complex going up in South Middleton

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) - The largest solar-run development in the Northeast is being built in South Middleton Township, Cumberland County.

It's called Summerbridge at Rockledge and is located on East Gate Drive.

"This is exciting because that solar energy they indicated would cover 50- to 70-percent of the heating, the cooling, and the hot water," township supervisor Tom Faley said.

The project is being run by Chambersburg-based Brim Builders Inc.and EarthNet Energy.

"It is an energy efficient green-style living. We call it resort-style living," Brian McNew of Brim Builder Inc. said "When they rent from us here, they are literally a part of the solar movement because they reap the benefits of it."

The complex will have replica palm trees, community building, and a pool. It will also have LED lights, energy efficient appliances, and cutting edge insulation.

"We are using a thermal 3Ht barrier. It is designed to radiate off the heat and also the cooling. It's very efficient," project manager Tyler McNew said. "We install it on the outside, tape around the seems, and it makes it like a thermos bottle. You can be very efficient and still live well picking the right products for people."

With nearly 300 apartments, it is the first-of-its-kind in the northeast.

"I am so excited about it because it places our township on the cutting edge of a new technology," Faley said.

"I believe we have to do this, not just for the environment, but for the average American person who is tired of high utility bills," McNew said.

The first phase of apartments will be available in the fall.

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