State Senator tells his story of surviving coronavirus


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — “I’m 63 and I have diabetes,” said Senator Anthony Williams (D-Philadelphia/Delaware) aware that those are two red-flags for Coronavirus complications.

“So I was concerned about those underlying conditions,” Williams said.

Williams says he started feeling sick on a Thursday. He got tested on Friday. Official results didn’t come in for five days but by then Williams’  headache, nausea, and fatigue confirmed for him that ht was Covid-19 positive.

“The fatigue was very, very impactful in terms of ability to operate,” Williams said. “you’d have have a window of five minutes and then you just have to lay down.”

Williams says he was sick for seven days but never hospitalized. His age and his diabetes worried him more than his race, even though he knows that African-Americans are especially vulnerable to the virus.

“That’s significantly driven by the fact that many people of color don’t have adequate health care, so they don’t go see a doctor, and before they know it they’re in serious trouble.”

Williams says he doesn’t know exactly where he was infected but concedes he didn’t take mask wearing seriously enough, especially while speaking to crowds.

“I wasn’t necessarily wearing my mask, which I should have been doing if I’m talking to anybody, whether six feet apart or not, and so I think those things exposed me to the virus in a way that I wouldn’t have been if I had done the precautionary things that I should have done.”

But mask wearing has no bigger cheerleader now. Williams won’t leave home without one.

“It’s not a statement about bravery or being strong. It’s nothing about that. The fact that you’re wearing a mask makes you stronger because you care about other people.”

Williams says every person he came in contact with was notified and tested and those tests came back negative.

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