Corinna Joy is a singer/songwriter from Campbelltown, PA.  She has recently released her first album, Uneven Love.

“I’m a musical theater buff and have done community theater in the area, so a lot of my earlier songwriting had a musical theater sound to it, and some of it still does. Recently, though,

I’ve been influenced by singer-songwriters that play with style and really use the voice as its own instrument, like Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor. I also can’t ignore my favorite musician, Rufus Wainwright, who I’ve adored since I was a teenager. He’s got a very eclectic style of songwriting and he’s an incredible performer,” tells Corinna.

“Today, I’m going to debut a song I wrote called “Might as Well Love,” which is going to be on my next album. It’s a song for anyone who’s stuck in that “not over you but can’t really move on” stage of love,”

You can hear her performance in the video above, and also our interview with Corinna in the video below. For additional music and information, check out Corinna’s website.