(WTAJ)– Thousands of drivers use the Pennsylvania Turnpike every day, and you would think that means a lot of road rage, however, a study shows that you’ll actually encounter almost none compared to other states.

According to a study done by Forbes Advisor, Pennsylvania has some of the most polite drivers in the country. A study was conducted of 5,000 drivers across the United States from Aug. 17 to Aug. 26 by Forbes along with OnePoll.

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The study went over ten factors that are considered aggressive driving. Below is a list of them:

  • Bumped, rammed into or otherwise damaged my car on purpose
  • Followed me then got out of their vehicle to yell at or fight with me
  • Forced my car off the road
  • Pointed a gun at me or shot at me
  • Cut me off on purpose
  • Exceeded the speed limit to block my car from changing lanes
  • Honked at me in frustration
  • Made rude or offensive gestures at me
  • Tailgated my car
  • Yelled at me, insulted me, cursed at me or made threats

Out of the ten factors, being honked out of frustration was the number one reason for confrontational driving behavior. The least observed form of aggressive driving was having a gun pointed or shot at the driver, according to the study.

On the list of states with the most confrontational drivers, Pennsylvania was ranked number 49, with North Dakota being 50. About 22 percent of PA drivers surveyed only said that another driver has accelerated past the speed limit to prevent them from being able to change lanes. Only 32 percent said that they have been cut off before, which ties also with Michigan and Florida in this category.

The state with the most aggressive drivers was Utah, with 76 percent of drivers surveyed saying they have been honked at by frustrated drivers. Missouri was ranked number two with eight percent of surveyed saying that a driver most likely either pointed a gun or shot at them. Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico round out the top five.

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The study reports that in total, 85 percent of drivers have said that they have experienced at least one form of road rage before. About 22 percent have also reported that they have seen an accident caused due to road rage and 23 percent have said that they know someone who was hurt in a road rage incident.

For more of a breakdown of the study can be found on Forbes’ website.