Susquehanna Service Dog 'Molly' returns to ABC27

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - ABC27 is welcoming back a familiar face.

Susquehanna Service Dog "Molly" returned to the newsroom after a special assignment. Her primary job for the organization is delivering puppies that will grow up to assist people living with psychiatric and physical disabilities.

We announced that Molly was expecting in September. Her litter of two females and five males was sent to Dickinson College's Dog House, a partnership where students care for her and her puppies.

"We assist Susquehanna Service Dogs with raising and training dogs that eventually go into their program," Dickinson student Abby Marich said.

"We have a club within the school that helps us," Dog House roommate and student Megan Kropf said. "They have shifts that they take care of the dogs and train them."

For caregivers, it's a heartwarming experience.

"I love dogs and it's so rewarding to watch them progress through the training," Dickinson student Catherine Presco said.

Molly's recent litter is in demand. For those who wonder why rescue dogs are not used, Kerry Wevodau of Susquehanna Service Dogs explains.

"We breed for a certain temperament of dog. We also breed to the people who are on our waiting list. So we look at the types of dogs we need and we breed through that," Wevodau said. "There have been programs that use rescue dogs, sometimes it's successful and sometimes it's not. We are looking to be successful with every dog in our program."

After weeks with the students, it's time to leave. Molly's puppies are living with raisers and learning the basics. In about 18 months, they'll go back to the Susquehanna Service Dogs kennel for advanced training.

If all goes well, they will leash up with partners. If being a service dog does not work out, there's always K9 jobs with the CIA and Pennsylvania State Police.


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