The Tall Poppy Writers are a group of 40 eclectic women authors from around the globe who have banded together for a common goal: to promote each other and women authors in general. We include a National Book Award Finalist, New York Times best-sellers, international best-sellers, award-winning authors, and critically acclaimed writers, who, despite all of their individual successes and accolades, realize that it is only through collaboration – rather than competition – that smart women authors will continue to grow and succeed in the publishing industry.

Next Saturday, January 30, several Tall Poppy Writers – who just so happen to be local authors – will be appearing at the Midtown Scholars Bookstore in Harrisburg for book signings. Kathryn Craft will be signing copies of her critically acclaimed books, The Art of Falling and The Far End of Happy. Amy Impellizzeri will be signing copies of her award-winning debut novel, Lemongrass Hope. And NYT Best-selling author, Katie Moretti will be signing copies of her novels: Thought I Knew You and Binds that Tie.[Midtown Scholar Bookstore Event postponed to January 30, 2-4 pm, in light of the predicted landfall of Winter Storm Jonas!]

Check out the Tall Poppy Writers’ website to learn more.