The impacts of COVID fatigue


CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — With months of restrictions and coronavirus cases rising, the pandemic is causing some to experience COVID fatigue when it comes to wearing a mask, avoiding social gatherings, or staying vigilant.

“It’s all those things combined that have just created burdens on people and they’ve decided that the easiest thing to do is just give up and stop listening to the advice of experts,” said Nathan Harig, assistance chief of Cumberland Goodwill EMS.

Harig says when people fall victim to COVID fatigue, it causes the pandemic to continue and community spread to rise.

 “Just because you’re tired, doesn’t mean it’s given up and we have to keep fighting for our most vulnerable populations out there,” said Harig.

COVID fatigue can also impact your mental health.

“COVID fatigue and anxiety are two sides of the same coin,” said Harig. “It is the stressor that this pandemic is really putting on people.”

Dr. Pauling Wallin, a psychologist in Camp Hill says the unknown and uncertainty of the pandemic can cause anxiety.

“When you know you have control over at least something,  it helps reduce your anxiety at least for the moment,” said Dr. Wallin.


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