Pa. Dem leads charge to convict Trump while Pa. GOP says ‘don’t blame us’ for riot

This Week in Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania tipped the presidential election for Joe Biden and was at the center for the objection of his electoral votes. It will also play a key role in President Trump’s impeachment.

Congressman Dan Meuser (R-Pa. 9th District) called it mayhem but didn’t immediately evacuate.

“We barricaded the door,” Meuser recalls.

Meuser was close enough to see the rioters and shout at them as they banged on that door.

“We asked what in the heck they thought they were doing. I used different language but they just had an evil look in their eye,” Meuser said.

Congresswoman Madeleine Dean (D-Pa. 4th District) was traumatized.

“I called my family as I was being raced to a secure location. It scared them very much. It was absolutely terrifying,” Dean said.

Dean is one of nine House managers of Trump’s second impeachment. She’ll make the case that he incited that riot but knows some say, “Why bother?” Trump’s gone.”

“The people came in hoping to assassinate Speaker Pelosi, hang Vice President Mike Pence, and hunt down members of Congress. You can’t just say let’s move on from here,” Dean said.

Meuser is one of eight Pa. Republicans who objected to the state’s electoral votes for Joe Biden, frustrated by what he calls an overreach by the Wolf Administration and state Supreme Court.

“If it’s raining in Philadelphia does that mean you can vote online? And the Secretary of State can make that decision five days before the election? We have rules, we have laws, they weren’t followed,” Meuser said.

Rules and laws were not followed here and many Democrats blame Republicans like Meuser for fanning the flames of insurrection by questioning the election.

Meuser notes that three times in the past 20 years, Democrats objected to elections with Nancy Pelosi’s support.

“Back when they [objected to election results] she said they were fighting for democracy but I’m undermining democracy. C’mon, that is very hypocritical,” Meuser said.

Dean won’t weigh in on the guilt of GOP Congressmen. Her focus is hanging a guilty verdict on the guy at the top.

“This president incited an insurrection. That cannot be forgotten,” Dean said.

Meuser is a Trump supporter in a Trump district but he wouldn’t rule out running for the U.S. Senate or Governor in two years.

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