Re-energized right-to-lifers fill Harrisburg Capitol steps, concerning to pro-choice lawmakers

Pennsylvania Politics

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Thousands of right-to-lifers rallied and marched at the State Capitol on Monday. The movement is re-energized by what it sees as a less hostile US Supreme Court, and that enthusiasm was on display.

If they were tired it didn’t show. Thousands packed the Capitol steps and marched around the complex. Republican leaders weren’t silenced. Speaker of the House, Bryan Cutler, said “We hear you loud and clear. Life begins at conception.”

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Kim Ward was Senate Majority “cheer” Leader. “We are pro-life. Thank you,” she said.

Pennsylvania’s pro-life movement has been re-energized by a Texas law and a US Supreme Court perceived to be favorable to their cause. “Now is the time for the pro-life movement. We’re on the march literally here today. We’re on the march in the courts,” Rep. Kate Klunk (R-York) said.

But not in the Governor’s office. Tom Wolf has repeatedly vetoed bills he sees as anti-choice and said this to lawmakers who promised to keep those bills coming: “If they do, I’ll veto those pieces of legislation.”

“We’re not dissuaded, Dennis. Again, look at the crowd here today. We know someday we’re gonna have a governor who will stand on our side of things and see the way we see it,” Rep. Klunk said.

A happy crowd. A sunny day. A family-friendly event. But pro-choice lawmakers say there’s nothing warm and fuzzy here. “Anytime someone’s trying to infringe on a woman’s ability to control herself and her body it is a threat to where women are in society and what we’re eligible and able to do,” Rep. Mary Isaacson (D-Philadelphia) said.

But Meghan Travaline, pregnant with her third child, says the pro-choice argument is ill-conceived. “I’ve never known one person that has two brains, two hearts, four legs, four arms. This is not my body inside of my body. I am just the vessel.”

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