Republican-backed billboards blast Republican-backed election audit in Pa.

Pennsylvania Politics

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — There is still a push by Senate Republicans to audit the 2020 election nearly a year after it happened. But on Tuesday, there was pushback and it might surprise you who’s behind it.

It’s a drive-by and it’s a shot at GOP lawmakers in Pa. pushing to audit the 2020 election. But the twist?

This time it’s other Republicans pulling the trigger. “Who are really upset as to what they’re seeing happen across the country in terms of the Republican party and their behavior,” Olivia Troye said.

Troye worked in the Trump white house but now is the Director of the anti-Trump Republican Accountability Project, which placed the billboards. She says so-called audits perpetuate the myth of a stolen election despite all evidence to the contrary. “I think that sets a dangerous precedent for where we’re heading as a country when you have elected officials directly lying about the reality of the election,” Troye said.

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Billboards for Republicans. An inflatable pig for activist Gene Stilp. It’s pink but Stilp is upset at all the green that’s being spent. “It’s gonna cost millions of dollars in taxpayer money and also there has been a secure way of election to make sure everything has been done right. That’s been done a number of times so why waste money?” Stilp said.

Lots of pork for lawyers as courts decide whether the Senate has the power to audit an election. The Department of State already spent $3.1 million. That meter is still running. Add in legal fees for the Senate and Attorney General and it’s no doubt millions more.

“We remain hopeful the case will be resolved as quickly as possible so we can continue our efforts to restore faith in our voting system,” Spokesman for the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee, Jason Thompson said.

“It’s a waste of money. The election was back in November of 2020 and we’re still having this conversation?” Governor Wolf asked. He says there will be no audit on his watch. “The most recent subpoenas that came to my administration asked for your social security number and I’m not gonna give it to them Dennis.”

The Republican Accountability Project has paid for billboards in several states where legislatures are trying to audit the 2020 election.

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