Casey and Smucker chime in on Biden’s spending plans

This Week in Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON (WHTM) — One hundred days and six trillion dollars in proposed new spending. President Biden’s plan, according to U.S. Congressman (R) Lloyd Smucker, is socialism on steroids.

“Bottom line Dennis, this is apparently the era of trust in big government,” Smucker said. “They’re incentivizing dependency on government and the centralization of decision making to government and away from the American people. It’s terrible.”

It’s wonderful insists Democratic Senator Bob Casey, who says Biden’s American jobs plan and American families plan is long overdue and will pay for roads and bridges, broadband, services for the disabled, pre-school and junior college, clean energy and more saying it’s “laid a foundation for change that will transform the lives of our families and children. It’s time to keep going.”

Smucker responded saying, “These are bloated spending packages with all kinds of waste. These are things the American people often don’t want and don’t need and somebody’s gonna be paying the bill for these.”

Biden insists corporations and those making more than 400,000 dollars a year will pick up the tab.

“There’s no possible way they can fund what they’re doing with just taxes on the rich. So everybody’s gonna pay for this. Everybody,” Smucker added.

Another issue facing the commonwealth is that somebody is going to lose a Congressional seat. Pennsylvania currently has 18, nine Republican and nine Democrat, but the total will be dropping to 17 and boundaries will be re-drawn. Smucker has one of the safest GOP seats in the state, he hopes it will stay that way but he also said “It doesn’t matter too much what I think or what other members of congress think, because the lines are drawn by the state legislature.

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