U.S. Senator Bob Casey holds drive-in town hall in York

This Week in Pennsylvania

SPRING GARDEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — U.S. Senator Bob Casey touted the American Rescue Plan in York Friday night in a socially distanced manner at a drive-in town hall.

He covered a wide range of topics tonight, going over specific improvements from the $1.9 trillion bill and answered questions from constituents.

The format in the parking lot of Penn State York was a first for Casey, with most sitting in their cars tuned into the radio to hear him speak.

“We have economic challenges and so many others plus the pandemic that we hope we’re putting behind us,” Casey said.

Constituents asked questions of Casey, everything from Medicare funding to how to stop recent gun violence.

“By saying that we can do nothing, the greatest most powerful country in the world can do nothing about gun violence, that is surrender,” Casey said.

But the main focus was highlighting how the American Rescue Plan is helping Pennsylvanians.

“What other measures could be done to address the concentration of poverty that is literally just destroying our cities?” one constituent asked.

Casey talked about the benefits of increasing SNAP benefits, child tax credits and child care assistance.

“Based upon the academic studies, this American Rescue Plan would reduce child poverty by one-half,” Casey said. “No bill in 50 years has been able to do that.”

Democrats are now trying to get support for a gigantic infrastructure bill.

Like the last bill, Republicans are not on board. Casey says namely, his idea for a $400 billion initiative for home and community-based services to help people with disabilities and seniors.

73% of Americans want this. 55% of Republicans want this across the country,” Casey said.

Casey hopes Republican lawmakers listen to those polled.

“The caregiving in a community is every bit as important as the bridge or the water system or the other physical infrastructure, so look, we’re changing the conversation but I think we have some momentum to get this done,” Casey said.

Republicans are complaining bitterly about President Biden’s infrastructure plan, countering with their own Thursday at $600 billion, about a quarter of the price. And they’re fighting over what exactly falls under the term infrastructure.

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