HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — After decades of being a scenic farm with standardbred horses, a tremendous change is coming across the street from Cumberland Valley High School.

“I don’t think this a good plan,” said Jim Heffeleower, the owner of a local jewelry store in Mechanicsburg.

Silver Spring Township Supervisors approved “HSS Investors” to start building on Hempt Farms on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

The plot of land is often considered a part of Mechanicsburg’s history.

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“It’s been there ever since I was a kid, I’m 65 years old. It was a beautiful farm, and it was a horse farm. I don’t know where there’s any more of those around here, maybe in Lancaster, but I don’t know any in this area. So it just changes the whole landscape of the community,“ said Heffeleower.

The nearly two-million-square-foot space will be filled by three warehouses along Carlisle Pike, Hempt Road, and Fry Drive.

“I think it’s a tragedy, that was a beautiful farm, now it’s a stale farm. There’s no farmland left in this area. Up around, up in that area up there, they’ve taken it all for either development of commercial or residential areas. There’s none left, it’s a sin,” said Heffeleower.

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Officials didn’t say who will occupy the buildings or what they will be used for, but construction will start soon.