SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Tijuana’s National Industry Chamber of Development and Promotion predicts that due to its rapid growth, the city of Tijuana will run out of space to grow by 2035.

“It’s a projection based on the current growth patterns in the urban areas of the city,” said Xavier Fernando Ibarra Quintana, president of the chamber. “Tijuana is one of the most densely-populated areas in the country, with more than two million residents.”

Ibarra Quintana added they are in the process of forming a consulting group with the federal government to form a growth and development plan for Tijuana’s city limits.

“We’re trying to denote a coordinated plan at the federal level to map out zoning areas in the city while outlining boundaries for municipalities like Tijuana, Rosarito and Tecate.,” he said. “We need to have a vision that integrates these communities.”

Ibarra Quintana fears a day is coming when these cities will grow into one another.

“About 10,500 homes were built this year and there are another 6,000 under construction. The state wants to build 100,000 more, we need to find room to sustain this rate of growth.”