(WHTM)– Jimmy Buffett fans were heartbroken this weekend when he died of skin cancer at age 76. He brought so much joy to his fans and his passing may also serve as a lesson on sun protection.

“It’s closed today (Tuesday),” Theresa Little said.

The Red Lion splash pad was splashless on Tuesday, so this family visiting from Colorado made their own fun.

“So we just got all of our water bottles that we brought up here, and we’re just doing our own splash pad,” Little said.

“We are splashing people,” Little’s daughter Selah said. “Yeah.”

Fun and games but under the cover of sunscreen.

”Obviously my son, we have him completely protected with like U.V., you know, wear and things like that,” Theresa said holding her baby son Solomon.

What does your mom make you put all over yourself as something, I asked Selah?

“Sunscreen,” she replied back.

But why though? Well, Selah answered…

“Because it hurts to get a sunburn,” Selah said.

Like a lot of us extra-mindful after Jimmy Buffett’s death.

“I was very sad to hear about Jimmy Buffett’s passing,” Penn State Health Dermatologist Doctor Ami Greene said.

Greene said and not surprised, considering what Buffett fought: a four-year battle against what’s called Merkel Cell Carcinoma.

“Merkel Cell Carcinoma is one of the more rare types of skin cancer,” Greene said. “And it’s very aggressive. so it most commonly appears on the head and neck in older patients who have significant sun exposure.”

Skin cancer is both deadly and highly treatable. It’s the most common form of cancer. Two Americans die of it every minute. Five sunburns double a person’s chance of dangerous Melanoma. Yet the five-year survival rate is 99% if it’s detected early. I asked Doctor Greene her top tip for people like me who already know the basics – like that we should always apply sunscreen of at least 30 to 50 SPF.

“What they don’t recognize is you need quite a bit of sunscreen in order to get the recommended SPF that’s on the bottle,” Greene said. “So it’s about a shot glass full. So normally I tell my patients, you’re really not getting that unless you’re really slathering it on.”

She said also remember, you get ultraviolet exposure even on cloudy days. Even in your car, even in your house UV rays come through windows.

She said just make it a habit when you wake up in the morning if you don’t think you’re really gonna be in the sun put moisturizer with SPF on places like your face and neck.