ABC27 Exclusive: Chambersburg Police to release podcast to increase trust, transparency

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CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) —Chambersburg Police Department is releasing a podcast Thursday, so community members can get to know its officers.

It comes at a time when police work is under the microscope, after several shootings continue to spark unrest across the country.

The episodes were originally recorded as radio interviews.

The radio show Gordy’s Sports World and More has been on in Pennsylvania and surrounding states for more than 10 years. It broadcasts out of studios in Greencastle, Franklin County.

“At 100.9 FM, 1380 AM,,” Coach Gordy, the show’s host, shares where you can listen.

Gordy’s Sports World and More covers more than games, matches and tournaments.

Coach Gordy decided in this day and age, that “more” could include law enforcement.

He uses his platform to highlight community members making a difference, from chefs to sherrifs.

“Some people might think otherwise, but 99.9% of law enforcement officers are really good people,” said Franklin County Sheriff Dane Anthony, who appears on Gordy’s Sports World and More on a regular basis.

“I am a strong supporter of law enforcement,” said Coach Gordy. “I want to present them as human beings.”

So when Coach Gordy casually ran into Chambersburg Police Chief Ron Camacho at a Sheetz, he asked to interview officers on his show.

Camacho said yes, seeing it as a way to build trust with those his department serves.

“There’s a lot of misinformation about what the police do and how they do it, and I think you need to contrast that and combat that, those negative notions, with positivity,” said Camacho.

Week after week, for an hour at a time, officers hopped on the mic and talked about current events, active shooter training, K-9s, detective work and even accident reconstruction, so people know what officers are doing, and what they would do, next time they call 9-1-1.

“This is not Hollywood,” said Camacho. “We are not chasing bad guys 24/7.”

Now, the chief has decided to post some of those interviews online in podcast form.

“You have to lookout for that person, and their best interest and their family’s best interest,” an officer tells Coach Gordy in a clip of an episode.

It’s a digital document of the department’s history that can be used for teaching.

Most importantly, residents who missed the shows can still get to know their officers.

“The history of those officers and the history of that unit,” said Camacho.

The project doesn’t end here.

Camacho has connected other law enforcement leaders with Coach Gordy, who says he welcomes more departments on air to continue breaking down barriers.

“It just sounds like people sitting across the table from each other,” said Coach Gordy.

The podcast episodes were recorded throughout the pandemic, but are being posted on the Chambersburg Police Department’s website Thursday.

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