HARRISBURG, Pa (WHTM) — 5G technology, also known as fifth-generation technology, is becoming more prominent across Pennsylvania and the country. But its expansion across the Keystone State is raising the question — can the towers negatively impact your health?

Those concerns that 5G towers could cause cancer because of the radiation they transmit have circulated social media since 5G towers were implemented in 2019.

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Pennsylvania State Public Health Science Professor Cheryl Thompson said those claims are far from true.

“At this time, there’s no evidence that low levels of 5G can negatively affect your health,” Thompson said. “And there’s further no evidence that people living near 5G or other similar towers have increased risk of cancer or other health concerns.”

Thompson emphasized that the 5G levels in the base of cellphone towers are “many times lower” than the radiation a person receives from the sun.

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“We do know that ionizing radiation, such as radiation you’d get from an x ray, does cause cancer, but 5G is non ionizing radiation,” Thompson said.