HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Earlier today, the Senate Republican Communications Office sent out an update on the refining of House Bill 2633 – a bill protecting the rights of student athletes.

The existing law currently allows for student athletes to receive compensation for their name, image, or likeness (NIL); however, according to Senator Scott Martin, more clarification is needed.

“This is a small, but important clarification that will give student athletes more agency over their private contracts and the money they earn as a result,” Martin said. “In the absence of national standards around NIL compensation by the NCAA or Federal Law, we must do everything we can here in Pennsylvania to make sure every student athlete that chooses one of our schools is treated fairly.”

The refinement of H.B. 2633 includes two major provisions in order to help student athletes:

  1. It removes language that prohibits schools from arranging NIL deals for their student athletes.
  2. It removes a provision that required students to share their contract with their perspective school at least 7 days prior to the execution of a student athletes contract.

Last year in 2021, the US Supreme Court paved the way for student athletes to get compensated for their NIL, after ruling on the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) v. Alston case. After this ruling however, no national standards were set – leaving the states to be the deciders of these standards.

H.B. 2633 is currently on Gov. Tom Wolf’s desk, awaiting his signature.