HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – In the wake of Pennsylvania’s teacher shortage, local lawmakers introduced legislation they believe will help incentivize college students to pursue a career in education.

The bill known as the Educator Pipeline Program, which is being put forth by Democratic State Senator Vincent Hughes and Republican State Senator Ryan Aument, would provide an unspecified stipend for individuals enrolled in a teacher preparation program in Pennsylvania.

“We’re trying to respond to a very serious problem in Pennsylvania,” Sen. Hughes said. “The number of folks who are getting certified as teachers was 20-thousand 10 years ago. Last year, it was six-thousand.”

Hughes said he and his Republican colleague, Sen. Aument, are on the same page and believe the program could ultimately help alleviate the teacher shortage.

“[We have heard of people that] didn’t make it all the way through [student teaching] because they could not financially handle the challenge of being in classroom,” Hughes said. “Very few of us can go three or four months without compensation.”

Hughes also said he believes this bill, paired with Gov. Josh Shapiro’s idea to provide teachers with a $25-hundred a year tax incentive, are small things that could make a big difference.

ABC 27 News Reached out to Sen. Aument’s office for comment regarding the bill and did not hear back.