(WHTM) — For Ashley and Jennifer Mansfield, their son Adam was the light of their life.

“He was our son. He left a remarkable impression on us. I’m sorry his little brother won’t get to meet him but he’s with us all the time,” said Ashley Mansfield, Adam’s mom.

Adam was a micro-preemie when he passed.

“Five days before the country shut down because of COVID and when everything shut down there was no opportunity for a funeral,” said Jennifer Mansfield, Adam’s mom.

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But no day goes by without Adam’s memory living on.

“Coming out here meant a lot to me to see Adam’s legacy live on. He’s still talked about to this day at the Med Center with all his nurses and his doctors,” said Brittany Wright, medical professional who treated Adam.  

He fought a tough fight. Eight blood transfusions kept him alive for 111 days. Days this family still treasures.

“Becoming a parent is insane to begin with but doing it in a NICU is just a whole different level of weird. Learning and not knowing what to expect on any given moment really. Who knows what’s going to happen when you walk in, what’s going on,” Jennifer Mansfield said.

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Today they are choosing to honor his memory the best way they know how, with a red cross blood drive to help others in need.

“He touched so many lives and so many people want to give back with us,” Jennifer Mansfield said.

Earlier this year, the Red Cross declared its worst shortage in a decade. The Mansfields say any donation matters

“You never know when you’re going to need it or someone you love is going to need it so it’s very important to do that for your community,” said Ashley Mansfield.

The family’s goal is to collect 65 units of blood and make sure Adam is never forgotten.

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