For one of the more exciting days of the year as a kid you would hope for the best trick-or-treating weather possible. Unfortunately mother nature has not been kind to Halloween-goers over the past few years. In fact, other than 2018, there hasn’t been a single Halloween in the past 5 years that has been without rain. 2019 was by far the worst year, with over 2 1/2″ of rain having fallen, coinciding with severe thunderstorm warnings as part of a brief bout of severe weather! Outdoor weather otherwise has been about what you’d expect, relatively cool to chilly in the evenings. Normally, that would be fine and good but when you add the rain factor in there things just get downright miserable.

Thankfully, we look to buck the trend of rainy Halloween nights this year. While rain has been somewhat of an issue Monday, a drying out of the skies over the next 24 hours will make for a rain-free and much more enjoyable experience. The spookiest part about Tuesday will be the overnight lows, which will drop into the mid 30s and necessitate outerwear for you and your kids when heading out for the evening. Not so bad all things considered, enjoy the night out!