CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) — Imagine going to work and have the owners of the company tell you that they’ve relinquished their ownership stake in the company and instead all of the employees now own the company.

A construction company in Camp Hill ended 2022 with just two owners but started 2023 with 33 owners.

That’s exactly what happened at Pro-cut Concrete Sawing and Drilling in Camp Hill.

“The company was formed over 50 years ago in 1972,” stated “former owner” of the company, Kevin. Craig. “In 1999 I purchased the company, and Dennis and I have been working together since that point in time.”

After working for the company for nearly 20 years, Craig asked Dennis Shifler to be his partner.

Craig said that he’s the oldest person in the company and as he nears the end of his career, he had to think of alternatives.

“We felt loyalty to our employees, they’re the ones who got us to where we are today,” stated Craig. “We both agreed as we looked for different options and we came upon the ESOP in the last couple years and decided to move in that direction.”

Shifler said that as they grow older, they’ve considered how they have great people and great positions that manage the company. “It [the decision] kept it local. There wasn’t any change, nothing really changes,” explained Shifler.

Some employees were shocked, some employees haven’t processed the change yet, however overall, it was a great response.

“We’ve got great people; we work well in a group. I think that’s how we get what we do done. It’s because we come together and work in a team,” explained Shifler.

You can watch employee reactions in the video player above.