(WHTM) — Some Midstate advocates will be at the pro-Israel rally in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg sent two busses to Washington D.C. Tuesday morning to join in the match. Community members of all faiths departed with them, along with local rabbis.

They say showing up in large numbers is just another way to make their voices heard.

“It shows me that a couple of people I know and a couple of people I don’t know all feel the same way. We want to go down there and express ourselves so that our leaders hear us,” Jennifer Cohen of Harrisburg said.

“It really is to show the support for the hostages and to show Israel we understand they are in a very difficult situation, and we support their effort to free the hostages and to secure their borders,” Spencer Markowitz said.

Markowitz tells abc27 he left Israel after the Oct. 7th air strikes, leaving friends who are now soldiers sleeping in bunkers. He also said that matching is the least he could do.

The rally will run until 3 p.m. Tuesday.