(WHTM) — Changes might be coming for boaters on the water during colder months.

Right now, people on boats shorter than 16 feet are required to wear a life jacket from November through April because if you fall in the cold water is very dangerous.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission says boating-related deaths have dropped by half since this rule began in 2012.

Now, the commission may extend the requirement through the end of May.

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“We see more fatalities in the cold weather months. If you fall in the water, you have that involuntary gasp of air, you aspirate into your lungs. If you fall into the water this time of year, you’re probably not coming out,” said Tim Schaeffer, executive director of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

Shaeffer says a decision could come by the end of the summer. During the summer months, life jackets are required to be present on your boat.