Clergy sex abuse survivors are taking their push for lawmakers to pass a statute of limitation reform law on the road. 

The Fortney sisters are from the Midstate. Five of them say their pastor in the Harrisburg Catholic Diocese sexual abused them when they were between the ages of 2-13. 

On Saturday, they will be taking a road trip across the state. The family will visit the offices of state senators in their home district’s urging them to pass a statute of limitations reform bill that passed the state house.   

Earlier this month, the state house passed Senate Bill 261. It would allow survivors of sexual abuse to file a civil suit until they are 50-years-old instead of 30. 

The house also added an amendment to the bill that would add a two year window for victims past the statute of limitations to sue their abusers and their institutions. 

Senate Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-25) doesn’t like the amendment. He believes allowing institutions to be sued could bankrupt some organizations that support charities. 

Scarnati pulled the bill so no vote was ever conducted. 

The Fortney sisters plan on recording a video on their facebook page Fortney Family on the Move for Justice at each office they go to.