YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Teachers with the Dallastown Area School District called for a fair and equitable contract in front of the board on Thursday, Aug. 18.

“You can’t put these students first, if you put these teachers last,” one Dallastown teacher said.

The teacher shortage, which has become a serious problem in the Midstate, has even led certain school districts to adapt modified schedules.

Contract negotiations were set to begin immediately after the public meeting was finished.

“I wish we could get the board members, and the negotiating team members. Same room, at the same time, to resolve this tonight,” a faculty member said.

“If you can’t come up with a negotiation for these teachers, let them go on strike let the parents see you know these kids at home then what are you going to do then you would give them what they need so maybe they should go on strike,” one parent said.

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Members of the community were also at the meeting, some sharing their concerns with the board members. “The moment you became school board president, I said to myself and others around me, ‘The way you handled yourself for the last few years, that I know you want a strike. This is something you want on your resume?’ I’m asking you tonight, you can laugh, I’m asking you tonight to prove me wrong,” one resident said.

The board members had no responses to any of the comments made by the public, and held a private contract negotiation meeting after.

The results of the contract negotiation could be released in Sept.’s school board meeting.