DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — The Dauphin County commissioners awarded gaming money from Hollywood Casino to provide for school and community-based improvement projects.

These projects include emergency services, affordable housing projects, food bank and shelter resources, and youth and veterans programs and services.

“The fruits of the local share program have been plentiful and continue to impact every corner of Dauphin County,” Commissioner Chair Mike Pries said. “These transformative projects would otherwise have to be paid for with taxpayer dollars..”

Commissioners approved the awarding of 151 projects with funding available through the casino’s local share revenue program on Wednesday, Feb. 22. The Dauphin County Gaming Advisory Board presented recommendations to the commissioners for recipients of funding.

“Casino revenue has become the gift that keeps on giving,” Commissioner Chad Saylor said. “And we are proud of the transparent, fair, and inclusive selection process that ensures consideration to every applicant.”

To see a full list of where the money will be used, click here.

The Dauphin County Gaming Advisory Board was created by the commissioners when local share money first became available.