ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Are you looking to visit one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania ahead of Halloween? Maybe you are just looking to learn some more about Blair County’s history. Either way, the Baker Mansion history museum in Altoona has you covered.

The mansion looks like it belongs in the hills of ancient Greece, but it’s located just off of Logan Boulevard. In 1835, Elias Baker, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania native, went in with his cousin to purchase the Allegheny Iron Furnace. He eventually made enough money to buy his cousin’s share and started building his mansion.

“In 1845 construction started on this mansion,” Blair County Historical Society Executive Director Kate Rimbeck said. “It took four years to complete and a couple of architects and it is Greek revival architecture.”

Almost 200 years later, the mansion is now owned by the Blair County Historical Society. The society not only looks after and preserves the property but has brought in other historical pieces from around Blair County.

There’s a World War II room that pays homage to locals that fought and helped in the war effort, as well as a hall dedicated to Altoona’s large Italian population. However, some believe there’s a ghostly presence in the mansion.

“This weekend we had tours going through and we’ve had a couple people report that they were touched. They felt someone touch their leg or touch their arm,” Rimbeck said.

The spookiest object in the home is the haunted wedding dress, that sits in Elias’s daughter Anna’s dressing room. The dress belonged to the daughter of a rival powerful family in Blair County history.

“He spent all his money building this house, and so they were land rich and cash poor. And then all of a sudden the Blair County Historical Society decides to bring their rival family’s dress, and put it right in Anna Baker’s dressing room,” Rimbeck said.

Tours are available Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but the end of the season is Dec. 18.