Emergency responders preparing for high call volume during scorching temperatures


LANCASTER, Pa. (WTHM) – Despite Thursday’s brutal temperatures, Lancaster County EMS said so far, heat-related calls have been pretty manageable, but the upcoming weekend has them sweating bullets.

EMS Captain Keith Snowberger has seen quite a few Pennsylvania summers.

“You kind of blink and you’ve been doing it 10 years, and then you blink again and it’s 15 years,” Snowberger said.

Each summer is good for a couple of scorchers, but it’s the next stretch of days with high humidity that may cause an increase in heat-related calls.

“The people that have plans aren’t just going to stop their plans for the weekend. I just hope that they’re going to think about being outside in the sun for as long as they wanted,” Snowberger said.

How long a person can handle the heat depends on factors like age, medication, and hydration.

Early stages of heat exhaustion include nausea, confusion, and sweating, but if someone is dry and hot to the touch, sound the alarm.

“That’s a significant concern because that means that they’re beyond the heat exhaustion point and they could be near the heatstroke,” Captain Dawn Ray said.

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