MOUNTVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Field of Screams in Lancaster County has made significant changes to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Visitors will still get spooked, but how actors will scare them is going to be different.

“Instead of being in your personal space for an extended period of time, they’re getting quicker scares and then retreating, quick scare then retreating, they’re not lingering,” said Jim Schopf, the co-owner of Field of Screams.

Field of Screams visitors wont have anyone breathing down their necks this year, but they’re still required to wear masks.

Actors are too, and will sometimes be doubling up.

“Now they’re wearing masks either under their masks or over top of their masks,” said Schopf.

Fun aside, something that’s become frightening to many in 2020 is high-touch areas, so those will be removed from all attractions.

“All of the clostraphobia, squeze areas that you have to squeeze through, they’ve been eliminated,” said Schopf. “The, what we call “fear flaps” that separate some rooms that you may have to brush through, we’ve eliminated all those.”

Schopf says things like hand rails near stairs will stay because they’re there for safety, but they’ll get disinfected multiple times a night.

“We have sanitation set up everywhere,” said Schopf.

Field of Screams is part of 13 Haunts, which is a group of attractions in Pennsylvania and neighboring states.

Together, they brainstormed and created standards to ensure their businesses stay safe, and stay terrifying.

A big part of that is keeping people with who they came with and avoiding crowds.

So, you must buy your tickets online and choose an arrival time.

“That helps us disperse our crowd out through the hours that we’re open,” said Schopf.

In addition to the safety protocol updates, Field of Screams has made some fun changes, like a new “chop chop” scene on the hayride.

If you don’t like getting scared or have young children, there are family-fun activities at Corn Cob Acres.

All new this year is a giant corn bin, which resembles a sandbox. The owners say it is filled with 67 million kernels of corn.

Corn Cob Acres and Field of Screams have thousands of visitors each year.