(WHTM) – On Thursday, cadets from the national honor guard academy learn how to honor a fallen officer properly.

“It’s physically and emotionally tiring for the students but that’s also part of the teaching element to be able to put them through those rigors and the stresses of preparing for a line of duty death funeral it takes a great deal of emotional and physical stamina to do that,” said Doug Swartz, Commanding Officer of the National Honor Guard Academy.

First responders from New York, Maryland, West Virginia, and New Jersey joined today’s demonstration. They say, when honoring a fallen officer, everything should be perfect.

“We’re taking groups and we’re combining people from all over to create teams to honor individuals or fallen veterans of the United States to lay them to rest peacefully with dignity and honor so,” said Jesse Springirth.

Escorting a fallen hero to their resting place is considered an honor. Cadets were split up into groups to complete traditional tasks at funerals.

“It’s very important for those students to be able to get that so we’re not losing those traditions over time to be able to continue to pass those from generation to generation and honor our fallen properly as a staff again it’s rewarding It’s an honor for us to be in front of people to get it and who want to do that job right,”, said Swartz

The cadets took turns carrying the casket, presenting folded flags to families, presenting arms, and saluting their fallen officer one last time.

“We have a desire to help and a desire to serve and a desire to care for people in their times of need,” said Swartz.