THE METAVERSE (WHTM) — Apparently the folks at Google are getting tired of answering stupid questions-and they’ve figured out how to do something about it.

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In a blog post dated August 11, entitled “New ways we’re helping you find high-quality information” Google Vice President Pandu Nayak announced “a significant innovation to improve the quality of featured snippets.” Snippets are the box at the top of a Google search page that highlights information from a result, and the source of the result, in response to searches. Google’s newest AI, the Multitask Unified Model (MUM), helps the system understand “the notion of consensus, which is when multiple high-quality sources on the web all agree on the same fact.”

It can also recognize when a query is a bunch of bilgewater. An example given in the blog? a recent search for “when did Snoopy assassinate Abraham”. The snippet produced by this question gave accurate information about Lincoln’s death, “But this clearly isn’t the most helpful way to display this result.” says Nayak,

According to Nayak, “We’ve trained our systems to get better at detecting these sorts of false premises, which are not very common, but are cases where it’s not helpful to show a featured snippet. We’ve reduced the triggering of featured snippets in these cases by 40% with this update.”

They’re also making improvements in their “About this Result” feature, which can be accessed by clicking the three vertical dots next to the search result, which can help you evaluate the site, and decide if you really want to click on it.

They also are addressing “data voids”, situations where breaking new travels faster than reliable information. They will be showing “context advisories” to let you know when you might want to wait a while for more information to come flowing in.

To view the blog, click here.