HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The long-time locally loved eatery Greystone Public House Restaurant (Greystone) will be reopening in the coming months after a water-related disaster shut them down.

The first strike of bad luck for this popular restaurant first occurred back in November 2022, just prior to Thanksgiving day. According to the General Manager of Greystone Bill Collier, an initial water main break had affected Greystone and the Arooga’s that is located right next door – this first incident only shut Greystone down for two days.

Following this first incident, a much more serious water-related issue occurred just one day after Christmas. According to Collier, a pipe inside of Greystone burst during a cold freeze – the damage sustained from this burst pipe was very extensive, and damaged:

  • Drywalls
  • Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Insulation
  • Light fixtures
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Half of the dining areas and more

A day after the unexpected disaster, employees, owners, and managers came together to begin doing whatever they could to help the situation – salvaging whatever could be salvaged and separating it from what was lost.

Since the December incident, Greystone has been working with Accord Restorations, who have been helping to renovate and rebuild the damaged sections of the restaurant. However, the restoration didn’t just include rebuilding – it also included drying up all the leftover moisture.

“We brought in these large, commercial dehumidifiers to dry up all the water across the dining floors,” Collier stated. “They also blow out hot air to help dry all the moisture across the restaurant – this helped us to prevent any spreading of mold.”

Though this incident seems to have brought nothing but bad luck, it did open the door for Greystone to move forward with some previously planned renovations and updating. Some of these changes consisted of installing a new pizza oven and changing the floor plan around.

“Now was the best time to make some of these changes,” Collier said. “[Greystone] is going to look and feel fresher than ever.”

According to Collier, if everything goes to plan, Greystone’s reopening is trending toward the end of April, or early May.

Greystone Public House Restaurant is located on 2120 Colonial Road.

“We are just really excited to get everyone – including our employees back,” Collier said. “We are excited to get back open, and the changes we are making are going to be really cool for our guests.”