HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A pair of grants from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) will go towards helping the Harrisburg Bureau of Police increase safety for all city residents.

The City of Harrisburg received $2.22 million as part of a local law enforcement program. They also received $1.26 million for gun violence investigation and prosecution support.

The money awarded will go towards purchasing body-worn cameras, license plate readers, and laser scanners.

Funds will also be used to help hire support personnel in the Bureau of Police, that will support and help enhance investigative efforts. The funds will also go towards creating an officer wellness program.

“The Harrisburg Bureau of Police is grateful to the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency on their grant award to the City of Harrisburg to enhance our law enforcement efforts to reduce crime and gun violence,” said Deputy Police Chief Dennis Sorensen. “This grant will allow the City of Harrisburg to update, garner, and enhance technology, initiate and enhance an Officer wellness program, fund positions within the Bureau of Police and work with local community groups to install porch lighting and video doorbell technology in high crime areas.”

The PCCD received the money as part of American Rescue Plan funding. The City of Harrisburg applied for the grants back in October.

The grants of more than $3.3 million awarded to Harrisburg were the most in Dauphin County and the most of any city in Pennsylvania.

Police will now have the funds to purchase a license plate reader. These readers will help police and law enforcement agencies to identify and compare license plates against those of cars driven by people who are suspected of being involved in illegal activities.

The laser scanner will help police to scan crash and crime scenes faster while yielding more accurate and efficient data.

The LLES Grant will also provide funds to help police officers with a wellness program, as well as a full-time mental health professional.

The Gun Violence Investigation & Prosecution Grant (GVIP) will allow the Harrisburg Bureau of Police to have the ability and funds to provide overtime pay to officers for multi-agency saturation details in high-crime areas.

Harrisburg Police will also be able to purchase a gunshot detection technology system, that can help determine where gunshots have been fired in incidents when 911 isn’t called. This technology also helps with evidence recovery and speeds up crime scene investigations.

The funds will also go towards purchasing video doorbell cameras for homes and installing porch lights in high-crime areas throughout Harrisburg.

“Our local police face a wide range of challenges every day and deserve the latest equipment and resources to help them protect our communities,” said State Senator John DiSanto, who helped award $5.3 million in state grants across Dauphin County. “I’m thankful to see this recently created supplemental law enforcement funding being used in the 15th Senate District.”

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, which provided the grant funding, serves as the state’s justice planning and policymaking agency.