LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – If a cat has nine lives, this lucky hawk must have a couple of its own.

Raven Ridge Wildlife Center shared images of a red-tailed hawk that was found stuck in the grill of a car traveling on Rt. 30. The Organization for Responsible Care of Animals responded and shared images to Raven Ridge of what the situation looked like, which they feared would not have a positive ending.

The driver of the vehicle reportedly drove to multiple garages with the bird stuck in her grill looking to find help for the bird. The driver was able to locate a Lancaster Police sergeant who worked with ORCA to free the hawk.

The hawk was taken to Raven Ridge where they were “amazed” at the hawk’s condition with no scratches, broken bones, or notable injuries of any kind.

Raven Ridge says they will keep the hawk for at least three days to monitor its condition before releasing it into the wild.