YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – The President and CEO of the York Water Company is reassuring customers that despite the potentially odd taste or odor, the tap water coming out of their faucets is safe to drink.

The comments come as the company battles complaints from consumers who have voiced concerns about the safety of their tap water over the past two weeks.

“It’s just had a really, really bad taste,” York Water customer Shannon Godfrey said.

York Water President and CEO J.T. Hand said that’s not unusual for surface water sources in Pennsylvania.

He insists the water is safe and believes weather conditions, including the smoke from the Canadian wildfires, may be to blame.

“What happens with that is that it lands in the creeks, it settles down to the bottom and then it creates this organic musty condition in the raw water,” Hand said.

That water then has to be treated to remove harmful bacteria. That’s done by using other chemicals.

“That does not mean the drinking supply water is not safe to drink,” Hand said.

But Godfrey said the water is making her son sick.

“He was vomiting every day and we had no idea why,” she said. “Now, it kinda makes sense.”

Hand said he does not believe any illness is linked to the water, but acknowledged that everyone can react differently.

“Somebody may be very, very sensitive to this and it may persist in their system for a long time,” Hand said.