HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — Hershey’s Chocolate World is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a new attraction. The Great Candy Expedition opens on Friday, May 19. Back in April, abc27 got a sneak peek!

The new attraction, entitled the Hershey’s Great Candy Expedition, is a 30-minute show billed as the first fully immersive interactive experience of its kind in North America.

The attraction incorporates all five senses and will take guests on a journey of candy worlds inspired by Hershey’s brands like Kisses, Reese’s, and Jolly Ranchers.

“You will smell some of our wonderful products, you will feel the seats rumble, and you will experience the lands visually. All five senses, and of course, taste,” said Todd Kohr, marketing manager for The Hershey Company.

Guests will be surrounded by projection-mapped screens that will whisk them away to colorful and sweet spots and special effects. To get from one candy-filled world to the next, guests will be able to collectively control each of the train’s destinations by voting using light-up buttons on their armrests.