LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — This weekend we “fall back” to mark the end of Daylight Saving Time. That extra hour of sleep is nice, but more and more people are wondering why we’re still changing the clocks twice a year.

“I think a lot of people get tired of switching back and forth and having to change your clocks and get adjusted to a new time,” said Donna Reeves, of Lancaster.

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On the streets of Lancaster, not everyone could agree, but the resounding answer was not positive.

“It’s a pain,” said one resident.

Consuelo Rabanales said, “It’s shorter but nothing changes in the 24 hours we have except that it is darker.”

But how did we get here in the first place?

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“Some of it relates to energy conservation initiatives back in the 70s, some point to agrarian society, some point to World War II,” said Republican State Representative Ryan Mackenzie.

There’s a growing movement in the country to abandon the time change. A Monmouth University poll shows 61 percent of Americans are on board.  Republican State Representative Ryan Mackenzie is one of many lawmakers who proposed bills to do just that.

“We often see grid lock in government so a legislative process needs to play out here and that is much longer process than simply taking a poll,” Representative Mackenzie said.

Representative Mackenzie says he wants a permanent Daylight Saving Time.

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“I know there is a rift between morning and night people. So now the question is what we go to. Do we go to permanent daylight saving, permanent standard time or another time?” Mackenzie added.