(WHTM) — Some people in Lebanon County reached out to abc27, concerned they have not received their mail-in ballots yet. abc27 has also reported mail delays in Carlisle.

abc27 reached out to local election officials to find out what voters can do if they are still waiting for ballots in the mail.

Lebanon County officials said they recently mailed out a large batch of ballots to voters, and those ballots should show up in mailboxes in a few days. For Midstate voters who are still concerned, there are still other options to vote ahead of Election Day.

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Midstate voters still waiting for their ballots are not alone. Lebanon County commissioner Jo Ellen Litz is in the same situation.

“I had my application in for quite some time,” she said. “Hopefully I’ll receive it today or tomorrow.”

Litz said ballots were supposed to go out in a big batch.

“There were delays for various reasons that got them in the mail, but now we’re waiting on the mail,” she said.

Lebanon County director of elections Sean Drascher is asking people to be patient, and said mail-in ballots already requested should arrive soon.

“Everything that was requested prior to a week ago has been mailed,” he said.

If voters are still worried, they can go to their county elections office and vote by mail in person.

“They can come into our office until Nov. 1 and apply again, and we will cancel that first ballot and issue them a second ballot,” Cumberland County director of elections Bethany Salzarulo said.

Drascher said that process can be a little time-consuming, so voters should be prepared.

“Please allow about 20 minutes per person for us to process that,” he said.

Salzarulo said people can also hand-deliver their mail in ballots to the county elections office. Cumberland County is adding some extended and weekend hours for that purpose.

“To allow for people who work during the day like I do as well to be able to drop off their ballots outside of those regular business hours,” she said.

Lebanon county has an additional option for dropping off a ballot.

“You could use the drop box, it’s outside the back of the courthouse. We have one drop box, it’s monitored all the time and it’s open during normal business hours,” Drascher said.

If voters are dropping off their mail-in ballot in-person or in a drop box, Litz has an important reminder.

“It is so important that you bring only your ballot for deposit,” she said.

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Voters cannot drop off another person’s ballot unless an affidavit is signed by both the person whose ballot is being dropped off and the person dropping off the ballot. Drascher said that affidavit can be found on Lebanon County’s website or can be picked up in-person.

If all else fails, voters can go to their polling place on Election Day, even if they have requested a mail-in ballot. However, there are some requirements.

“They must bring that ballot and balloting materials, so the envelopes that are included, to their polling place,” Salzarulo said.

Those materials have to be surrendered to the election judge at the polling place before being allowed to vote.

“If you forgot them, turn around and go get them,” Drascher said.

If voters do not have their absentee ballot, they will have to vote using a provisional ballot. Salzarulo said after the election, officials will check provisional ballots to make sure voters did not also vote using an absentee ballot. Only one ballot will count.

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“We will make sure your vote counts,” Drascher said.

The deadline to register to vote is Monday, Oct. 24. The deadline to request a mail-in or absentee ballot is Tuesday, Nov. 1, but officials said voters should not wait that long and should request that ballot as soon as possible.