(WHTM) — From Twitter to Amazon, mass layoffs are sweeping the country. The good news is that the latest wave is not translating to significant job losses in Pennsylvania. The bad news is the outlook is more “wait and see.”

“The only certainty going forward is uncertainty. I think we have been fooled before during the pandemic about what lies around the corner,” said Ryan Unger, President and CEO of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber.

Even though layoffs are making the headlines, Unger from the Harrisburg chamber says the region is safe for now.

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Unger says Harrisburg traditionally weathers downturns better than the state or the national economy due to its diversified economy and its mix of businesses.

“Healthcare, education, and professional services and no doubt having the state capital here and the federal government being major employers provide a solid foundation for a regional economy,” Unger said.

The unemployment in the state is the lowest it’s been in 20 years, and, should things start changing, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor is ready to help companies, big and small, avoid layoffs.

“Their [the Pennsylvania Department of Labor’s] job is to go into companies. They look at spreadsheets, the overall health of the company to see where there are inefficiencies and they can help in that arena,” said Dan Kuba, Acting Deputy Secretary for Workforce Development.

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There are resources for affected employees as well. Career links provide training and employment assistance.

In the meantime, Unger says the market is employee-driven right now. Unger also stated there are twice as many jobs as people to fill them, so job-seekers have better chances of finding employment.