(WHTM) — Smoke from wildfires in Canada has been hanging over the Midstate, sparking air quality alerts and potentially dangerous conditions. The bad air is not just a problem for people, however. It can also be a major hazard for our four-legged friends.

“Think about your pets the same as you would think about yourself,” said Amanda Brunish, marketing and outreach director for the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area.

The Humane Society is reminding people to keep their pets in mind when it comes to those air quality alerts. Brunish said the bad air can be just as much of a problem for animals, so if at all possible, keep them inside.

“Keep your windows shut, that’ll keep the air quality in your home better,” she said.

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If you do need to take your pets out, make it fast, and make it easy: Avoid long walks or intense exercise.

“Especially your dogs, you’re going to have to take them out for potty breaks, just keep them short,” Brunish said.

Brunish said the Humane Society is doing the same thing.

“Dogs, specifically, we are taking them on just short walks, short potty breaks,” she said. “We’re also doing a lot of enrichment inside, so they’re not just sitting in their kennel all day when they’re used to having long walks.”

Just like humans, some pets are more vulnerable to these smoky conditions, including older animals.

“Pets that have cardiovascular issues or respiratory issues, they’re going to have trouble as well,” Brunish said.

So the most important thing is to keep an eye on your pets, and if you see symptoms like coughing or asthma-like symptoms, talk to your vet.

“Make sure they’re not showing any symptoms of having issues breathing,” Brunish said. “Never take the risk of not being sure. If something feels wrong, if you’re not sure just call a professional.”

Brunish also said that while the wildfires causing this smoke are far away, this is as good a time as any for people to make sure they have a good evacuation plan, so they can get themselves, their pets and everything they need out of their home quickly.