LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — The Lancaster County Commissioners recently announced the approval of $375,000 in funding for the Municipal Emergency Services Authority of Lancaster County (MESA).

The formation of MESA was first approved by the state back on February 7, 2023, and is comprised of several municipalities across the Northwest Region of Lancaster County, which includes:

  • Conoy Township
  • East Donegal Township
  • Elizabeth Township
  • Mount Joy Township
  • Penn Township
  • West Donegal Township
  • Elizabethtown Borough
  • Marietta Borough

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MESA submitted its American rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Community Request Form back in August 2022. According to Lancaster County, The $375,000 in funding would assist MESA in operational start-up costs, to aid in the transition to a new multi-municipality entity.

“Public safety is our highest priority” Commissioner Josh Parsons said. “Municipalities across the
Commonwealth face challenges in providing EMS services. County government can help in providing support to the startup of this Municipal Emergency Services Authority. The authority can potentially be a leader on how to address these challenges and serve as an example across Pennsylvania.”

This approved funding now means that MESA is the first emergency services authority in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to receive funding from the county.

According to Lancaster County, MESA anticipates being fully operational by January 2024.