LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — A sweltering heat wave is sweeping across the Midstate. Every day this week is projected to exceed 90 degrees — a streak that could threaten people in Lancaster County.

Lisa Paulson is senior center program director with the county’s Office of Aging. She says typically more people come in on days like today.

“They need to stay indoors and not choose this week to go out and work in the gardening and things like that, so it’s important to be on top of the weather and not just the heat but the heat index which combines the heat and the humidity,” said Paulson.

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Lancaster Recreation Senior Center is one of many cooling centers in town, which some people badly need.

“Especially seniors as we get older find that circulation isn’t as good as it used to be and therefore the temperature regulation isn’t as good as you or I might experience,” Paulson said. 

Even 92-year old Flossy Bensinger doesn’t miss a day, heat wave or not.

“It’s a good to be here in the air conditioning. If it gets too cold, I go outside and warm up,” Flossy said.

Others braved the elements and headed outdoors. At the Lancaster County pool, they’re looking for a brief reprieve.

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“It’s a bit much. We actually came here to go to Hershey Park and we decided to come here instead because it’s so hot,” Kim Coldren said.

Her advice is simple.

“I guess I would just keep the blinds open inside, make sure you have a fan or air conditioning, maybe sip on some lemonade and still enjoy how pretty it is outside even though it is so hot, “ Coldren added.

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