LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Years of wear and tear was replaced in a day. All for one Lancaster family.

“Probably one of the most selfless people that I know so I can’t think of a whole lot of people more deserving than Chris and Michelle,” said Melvin Kleinsasser, senior project manager at The Exterior Company.

Giving back is in Chris Wenden’s DNA.

“He’s very, very involved in the community, whether it’s the church. He coaches rugby,” Melvin Kleinsasser said

But not only that. After failing to get pregnant over and over again, the Wenden’s turned to the obvious and most common choice.

“Rather than get one of those medical tests and figure out that he can’t have kids or she can’t have kids. We thought well why don’t we just adopt and see what happens,” said Chris Wenden, recipient of the new roof.

Four adoptions later, they are one big, happy family.  Chris Wendon says this new roof is a surprise of a lifetime.

“Why me? Living in this county you realize there are so many people doing amazing things so I think the natural reaction is that sense of ‘oh why me? What about other people?’” Wendon said.

The Exterior Company (TEC) is heading up the effort, giving away a new roof for every one thousand roofs installed.

“They obviously had a very old roof and when we started this morning you could see the moss and algae all over the roof. it was definitely past its life expectancy,” Kleinsasser said

The Wenden’s say they’re not used to all this attention, but they’re humbled by the gesture.

“I’m not going to lie. It does feel nice that somebody is seeing what you are doing in society and say oh yeah that’s really great,” Wendon added.