LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — The Lancaster County Commissioners and local law enforcement got their first look at their new firearm simulator training system this week.

“With this simulator, we will be able to train them on the latest information and scenario that they see daily in the community,” Ray D’Agostino, Chairman of the Lancaster County Commissioners.

The system provides real-world training situations through a variety of virtual environments, giving officers a form of training perspective they’ve never had before.

“When you can actually feel you are in a scenario and feel it’s almost real life that certainly will help that officer. And he becomes more confident in himself too when he is able to do that,” said Kerry Nye, Chief of the Lititz Borough Police Department.

Officials say it’s also an incredible tool for newer members of law enforcement to prepare them for what’s to come in their careers.

“They feel comfortable going in there, it almost feels like I have done this in the past. I feel very aware of what going on and maybe they will throw some curves at me but I will be ready to go,” said D’Agostino.

And they hope everyone will be safer.

“The simulator will help law enforcement, serve and protect our community and our citizens to the best of their abilities, so it’s for the citizens but it also helps to keep our law enforcement safe,” said Nye.