LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — A man from Lancaster was sentenced after pleading guilty in December 2022 to four dockets concerning fentanyl-related DUIs.

According to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, 58-year-old Miguel Garcia-Torres was sentenced to four to 14 years in state prison on Wednesday, March 1.

“While it doesn’t apply to this case, cases like these are why the legislature passed Act 59 of 2022, Deana’s Law,” Assistant District Attorney Kyle Linardo said. Deana’s law requires sentences to be consecutive for defendants convicted of third or further DUIs, the office noted.

The law states in part:

“The sentence imposed upon an individual [for the Highest Tier DUI] who has two or more prior offenses shall be served consecutively to any other sentence the individual is serving and to any other sentence being then imposed by the court, except for those with which the offense must merge as a matter of law.”

Garcia-Torres was charged with DUI offenses for incidents occurring on Jan. 26, April 14, April 28, and Oct. 4 in 2021. The offenses occurred all around Lancaster County. Each time the defendant was asleep behind the wheel with his vehicle running.

Garcia-Torres was sentenced to time served to six months on the first docket, one to five years on the second docket, and two to seven years on the third docket. Garcia-Torres was also sentenced to two to seven years on the fourth docket, which ran consecutively.

Lancaster City Bureau of Police Officers Michael Deitz and Kevin Golinsky, West Lampeter Township Police Officer Shawn Powell, and Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Joseph Chupick filed charges for each respective docket.