LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — After 158 years of ownership, the Steinman family has a new vision for LNP – one of the nation’s longest-running papers.

It’s gifting the local media giant to public broadcaster WITF. Steinman Communications CEO Robert Krasne says preserving the publication is top of mind.

“Our newspaper is 228 years old, and over the past 228 years, the organization that has held the newspaper has had to adapt and change in changing times. This is another inflection point,” said Robert Krasne, chairman and CEO of Steinman Communications.

WITF also shares that vision.

“For WITF, this is an opportunity to more deeply serve the people of Lancaster County. We have a long history of serving people in the 19 counties all over Central Pennsylvania that encompass WITF’s reach but the opportunity to engage on this local news and information side in a way that we have never before,” said Ron Hetrick, president, and CEO of WITF.

Krasne says little will change at LNP in the short term. No changes to staffing, printing frequency, or coverage focus are planned.    

“Ultimately, it will provide more and better in-depth local journalism and training of journalists in Central Pennsylvania,” Krasne said.

He also says the paper will continue to operate on a subscription model.

“Two-thirds of the counties in the country do not have a daily newspaper. Lancaster County is an outlier. What we’re trying to do here is to create a new business model that focuses on robust local journalism, education, and civic engagement,” Krasne said.

Both Krasne and Hetrick agree on one thing: their commitment to journalism remains stronger than ever.

“WITF is honored to be considered as the partner that helps steward that legacy and relationship and we think it’s a great fit for our mission and we look forward to serving the people of Lancaster more wholly through this partnership,” Hetrick said.  

The switch should happen by the end of June.