PALMYRA, Pa. (WHTM) — A blacksmith workshop called the Drunken Smithy offers a fun, entertaining, and educational way of making your medieval-blacksmithing dreams a reality.

The Drunken Smithy is owned and operated by two long-time friends, Greg Ramsey, who had previously worked as the Theatrical Director for the Renaissance Fair, and Eitri Jones, who has a background in chemistry. According to Eitri, the two friends met about 10-years ago while training to become house parents for the Milton Hershey School.

While working as house parents at Milton Hershey, on one of their days off, the two went to the bar to discuss their passions and future aspirations. While talking, the two came to find that they shared a lot of similar passions, such as a love for drinking, swords, and knives.

In 2016, the duo took their passions for blacksmithing and fun, and created The Drunken Smithy – a blacksmith workshop that initially fulfilled peoples custom orders and designs for primarily forged blades. According to Eitri, about two years later the duo moved into their current Palmyra location, and began offering workshop lessons after multiple requests to do so.

This is when the business really took off.

Currently, the Drunken Smithy offers about 7 to 8 blacksmithing workshops every week – giving guests the opportunity to work with blacksmithing instructors and forge their own knives, swords, axes, pendants, and a lot more. In addition to creating, they also have retail options where customers can go online and order a custom made, or pre-designed product.

Forged blade example

Though the Drunken Smithy offers many blacksmithing classes, the goal is not train the next ‘Forged in Fire’ champion.

“We aren’t trying to make someone a blacksmith, we are here to make a good time,” Eitrie said.

The Drunken Smithy offers a variety of class types for its guests, such as public workshops, private lessons, private events, or even on-site demonstrations where they bring the blacksmith to you! Public workshops and private lessons usually last for about four hours and children 14 and up are allowed to participate. According to Eitri, children 13 and younger can also participate in the art of blacksmithing through their private lessons – which allows the blacksmiths to have a more individualized approach to ensure the safety of the participants.

Each of the workshops offered at the Drunken Smithy are able to host between 12-16 people at one time – though they usually try to keep it to 12 to ensure a 3:1 or 2:1 ratio of instructors to participants.

‘Forever Flower’ workshop example (March 2022)

“Ya know, the most important thing for us is that you come and have a great time making really cool projects,” Eitri said.

The Drunken Smithy recently started to add more options for its guests to create, such as their once weekly class called ‘Forever Flowers’, where guests can learn to design, cut, texture, and create their own copper flowers. Guests who aren’t looking to make a blade or a flower can also sign up for classes to make various pieces of jewelry.

The Drunken Smithy is located on 61 W. Front Street, Suite C in Palmyra and has all their available time slots on their website.

According to Eitri, the Drunken Smithy has future plans of possibly moving their forge into the Lebanon Valley Mall – though this move won’t happen for at least another year.