HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Two Central PA-natives are appearing on the hit HGTV show House Hunters International Wednesday night.

The husband and wife moved to London right before England’s first lockdown.

Gina and Jon Gross were both born and raised in the Harrisburg-area. She went to Red Land High School and he went to Central Dauphin.

They met at Penn State and got married at the Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster.

After spending some time in DC and New York, Jon got a digital marketing opportunity in London, and Gina took the leap overseas with him.

They were already fans of House Hunters International when they applied for the show online, but were shocked when they actually got a response.

Before they knew it, the Grosses were looking at flats with star realtor Richard Blanco.

They say they were happy to have some help, since house-hunting in Europe has its differences.

“You just realize, ‘oh I’m not at home anymore,” said Gina Gross. “This house is older than our whole country.”

As many couples you watch on that channel, you’ll see they each had different priorities.

Of course, they couldn’t tell us too much about what they picked, but given Gina sacrificed the country she was living in, it’s safe to say Jon gave up a bit of was hoping for around the house.

“I had my list of must-haves and you know, absolutely necessities and so we ended up compromising…AKA I got what I wanted,” Gina Gross says, as the couple laughs.

The episode called “Getting Comfortable in London” airs at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday on HGTV.

The two have been strictly adhering to travel guidelines, so they haven’t been back in the states since Christmas of 2019.

Given that they haven’t been able to see family in so long, they’re thrilled to share this worldly experience with them through the show.